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    Yesterday afternoon, the reporter was several to ascend through the complicated contact 37-year-old farm woman Zhu Dong Mei."All of that are the affair of more than 10 year agos!"Zhu Dong Mei tells a reporter, she is 22 years old to marry to the Kuang city country summer Chuang village in less than a month, the husband follows other people to do a part-time job to Peking.Henceforth, her a person only guards vacant room, and carry on the shoulder the whole agricultures of having the in home to live with household chores.
    Is nearer year of, along with the development of village network, for strengthening and the husband is contact, Zhu Dong Mei also learned to get to the Internet.In June, last year, Zhu Dong Mei sees after collecting of"network the new folk song create a big match" notify, more than 10 in the last yearses, the husband regularly does a part-time job in the outside of slice body feeling and the general knowledge in village, surge forward at heart a while, right away produced the mind for taking part in a game."I almost didn,t make reference to what work, write of the all is to personally feel!"Zhu Dong Mei says.

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    《Bride is song 》
    The moon is curved curved shine on bride chamber,
    Ten bride chambers are nine Huangs.
    The bridegroom does a part-time job a city,
    Leave a bride to guard an empty bed.
    Bride bride is at favour in the home,
    The home house outside picks a crossbeam.
    Descend a farmland to learn to open an agriculture to use a car, go home pig-raising and sheep is again.
    The sweat is wet new clothes,
    The day head tans a Qiao face.
    How is bridegroom is bridegroom,
    Don,t forget an in home bitterness bride.
    BE doing not outside and not compete for supremacy with others,
    Don,t more not love wild flower joss-stick.
    Is only wish peaceful to early turn round,
    The husband and wife rush middle-class family together.
    (Responsibility editor:Week path 偲 )
    Recently, the second heart net Xun(reporter prince correspondent Guo Jian Tao ) is carat Ma uncovers a graveness according to police thieves and burglars case, but the owner displays happy don,t get up, because steal money unexpectedly is his/her own 12-year-old daughter.

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  • 02/11/11--23:37: The wife

  • Municipally carat Ma people displays(use alias) to say, the morning of January 8, he wants to take some money, could rummage in home don,t also find out wages card, he hurriedly arrives a bank reporting of loss.
    "The card inside penny money also has no, savings all take away."After displaying a reporting of loss, the staff member of the bank says.
    "Is impossible!"Display to say, since last June, he has never taken money, monthly the wages of 1500 dollars, the unit will be paying salary a day to beat into and plus surplus amount, the card internal help should have 10,000 dollars.
    The wife, who displays, gets a mental illness long term at home, 12-year-old daughter Xiao is soft(use alias) to attend a junior high school grade two, all of a three people is life near display part-time job to burn boiler maintenance, day lead of very thrifty, after throwing money, display quickly report to the police.

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  • 02/11/11--23:38: 2010 till December period

  • Receive to report to the police, white alkali pool public security official branch office criminal police the big brigade immediately launch to investigate.From the bank access style record up suggest, display of the wages card is from June, 2010 till December period, totally six times withdraw money, take away total 9000 dollars of cash.
    Each time withdraw money is all 1500 dollars, and all display to pay salary to withdraw money after two days, obviously person to acquaint with towards displaying pretty much.
    The younger sister displaying reflection, she runs into to display for many times of daughter Xiao Be soft to buy thing for classmate or invite classmate to have a meal.
    Display to say, he gives the daughter is pocket money very limited, the daughter is impossibly rich to invite classmate of consumption, however sometimes the Xiao is soft will steal money in the home, because is all fraction sum, he don,t take care of.

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    This year is one beginning of the month, the Lin Zhou downtown influences city area due to toring down "small fire electricity" the winter of 5000 residents Louis Vuitton Scarves adopt as usual warm.This reports on January 13 once took 《the small fire power station tored down 5000 residents to have no warm could adopt 》 as carry on report.
    After stopping warm affairs occurrence, Lin Zhou is city hall quickly start meet an emergency a reaction mechanism, adopt remediable measure, guarantee residents in the city with all strength as early as possible instauration adopt warm.Successively urgently adjust to carry 8 set boilers from the other parts of country, according to the city city area residents small area and distributing of parties concerned circumstance, install original 3 to be provided for heat to order respectively Gucci Scarves up.